Walk the Pit…

Tom Green, editor of the Cley Bird Club Newsletter, is planning to lead an informal morning ‘bird walk’ to The Point on Tuesday September 13th.
Leaving the dinghy park at 0930 we will walk down the middle of the estuary identifying the many wading birds we hope to encounter.
Skirting the north edge of the Pit we will go to the old Life Boat Station for whatever mid-morning refreshment, walkers have brought!
The adventurous might wish to head for the beach to swim or look at the wreck of the SS Hjordis while others might wish to take the shorter route to the Watch House along the dunes before heading back across the Harbour to Blakeney.  Kit – Binoculars, if you have them, footwear suitable for water/mud,sand/shingle, telephone.

A great opportunity (Ed.)