A bit rough in Essex…

Our intrepid team battled wind and waves in the Blackwater River, racing round Osea Island. Adrian tells the tale:
“A chill northerly F5 deterred some, so that only three gigs made it to the start line. Two Harker’s Yard gigs from Rowhedge arrived, but decided that the conditions were too much for them and turned tail.
Blakeney chose the windward end of the line and were first around the first mark. Then a long row to the east end of Osea Island, rolling in the troughs and taking spray over the bow. Blakeney had chosen the most direct route arriving at the same time as Southend CRC in the Seax gig Rosenante; a much faster boat. The only Harker’s Yard gig was trailing well behind.
As Bluejacket rounded the west end of the island the tide turned. In the smooth water to leeward of the island Rosenante pulled away, finishing 4 minutes ahead of Bluejacket. Fly, the local Harker’s Yard gig came in after a further 10 minutes.”
The picture gives an idea of the conditions:

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