Time to move…

With daylight hours reducing, the chances of catching the tide at Blakeney get more remote now, so one boat emigrates to Barton Turf for the winter months.

We can be more relaxed and choose our time to row, confident there will be fairly smooth water in abundance.

Dilham run_11.jpg

Can’t always guarantee the sunshine – but we can hope.


The plan is to collect one boat from the Carnser on 1st November and the first row is booked for Saturday 5th on Barton Broad (see our Calendar page) and available every day thereafter, morning and afternoon.

It’s always worth putting your name on the calendar, even if you are the first one – others usually follow. You may get an outing as lovely as in the picture above.

The other boat is due to stay at Blakeney, for the time being, ready to row as usual – watch this space for further developments.