Start of the Winter season…

Bluejacket made her way to Barton Turf. As we set off, the water was glassy smooth, the air chilly but with little wind.

Barton -1.jpg

The row across the Broad was steady and pleasant. We turned up the river towards How Hill in company with a fine little electric-powered launch whose occupants greeted us, having seen us at the Norfolk Punt Club platform a year or two back, sampling the the renowned tea and cakes.

We had already been overtaken by our Cockle-sailing colleague from Morston in his beautifully home-built Finnish skiff. Here seen leaving us after a coffee break at How Hill, his rear(forward??)-view mirrors well in evidence.

Barton -3.jpg

We took a little longer over coffee – discussing the merits of adding toe-straps to our footrests! Yes, well…no comment.

Barton -4.jpg

A good thing we had dressed for the Arctic as the row back across Barton Broad was into the teeth of a freshening and bitterly chilly Northerly breeze – initially in the sun, but three quarters of the away across, we were blessed by a sharp rain shower! Needless to say it stopped as we hauled the boat out having, by then, already soaked us.

Yes the Winter season is well under way.


Thanks to Alan for the photos.