All in a day’s work…

A good team turned up to help lift Hoi Larntan on to the building frame and then turn her over. Before I had time to say “Put the kettle on…” five pairs of hands were feverishly working away with sandpaper.

Someone had to tidy up…always pays to get a man who can handle machinery!



Brief stop for a cup of Andrea’s delicious tea (and a biscuit) then on with the undercoat…


Thanks to all who helped today.

If we are going to make it to the Carrow Cup we shall need to turn her over again next Saturday (26th), so more help please. I know one or two are away, but please come at 14:00 if you can, just to help turn. After that it’s varnishing and touching up the blue and yellow.


A little birdie tells me our friends at Wells are ready to fit the stems to their now fully- planked hull. Good news!