The antidote…

Trump, Brexit, Ed Balls leaves Strictly and Norwich come second in their game on Saturday!!

Fear not, we have the answer to gloom and doom: row at sunny Barton!

Alan tells the tale of Saturday’s row:

“The enthusiasm of Alan, Amy, Barry, Catherine and Diana outweighed the small drops of rain while launching at 10 o’clock today

We all took turns as cox, stroke, seat 3, seat 2 and bow.  After the initial rusty start and some practice dipping the oars in time with stroke, the team started pulling together.  We enjoyed gliding through the recovery stage of the row cycle!  Eventually when we found our rhythm we even enjoyed the drive part and were hitting the catch point together.

Picnic at How Hill gave opportunity to take team photos and exchange stories.  Best story has to go to Catherine’s turning up to a dinner party with a newborn pig in tow!

It has to be said that the row back with Catherine and Diana taking it in turns as cox and stroke got the best out of the team.

Amy spotted the Kingfisher, which does appear in the photograph but it has just taken to flight!”

That which has to be done…


With the paper-work sorted, heading out across the Broad with a patch of blue sky.


Relaxing and serene.


Errrr? No comment:


No prizes, but can you spot the kingfisher?


Tidying up afterwards:


Again I have to admit – No comment!!


If you haven’t tried rowing at Barton, well….!


P.S. Thanks to all who came to turn the boat on Saturday – first coat of varnish on.