Of ships and shoes and sealing wax…

Our tireless travellers Rosemary and Robin called in to Perth, Western Australia to check on the St Ayles skiff scene – as one does. Some thousands of kilometres across Australia in Victoria Robin managed to cadge an outing with the snappily-named Warrnambool St Ayles Skiff Community Rowing Club – who are planning to ship their boats down to Tasmania in February.

The weather at sea was unforgiving so a gentle row up the Merri River was in order. Even got the photo to prove it:


Meanwhile back in North Norfolk UK a strange event. While calmly rowing back across Barton Broad in pleasant sunshine a large object like a telegraph pole suddenly leapt up out the water right in front of Bluejacket. The cox’s re-actions were woefully inadequate and a nasty crunching noise was heard. Luckily this was not Tom’s ribs cracking as he was flung backwards on to bow’s legs! It was the sound of one of our beautiful oars giving in to a superior force.

Without wishing to name names, the photo of a well known kitchen and dog (below) may be a clue as to the identity of the above-mentioned cox! Repairs under way:



As a reminder of our foray into the realms of competitive racing at the Skiffie Worlds on Strangford Lough near Belfast in the Summer, a few survivors gathered for a light supper…


Or, maybe, that should be a dark supper?


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