Carrow Cup 2016…

Alan sets the scene on the river in Norwich, and he took the photos:

“It was a fun day out with many crews donning elaborate fancy dress.  Everyone pulling together, getting everything ready to launch.  Even the threatened rain kindly held off.  Before the start and outside the Red Lion we shared the loving cup or was it Robin’s home made Sloe Gin of the 2012 vintage, served from his father’s old hip flask!  The officials organised us well and flawless starts; Hoi Larntan crew were apparently very pleased with their flying start.  The race, even on an ebbing tide,  is longer than you think, especially as you row passed Carrow Yacht Club where we launched, and then realise you have to race for a further seven minutes.  And this is precisely where the energy and enthusiasm is beginning to drain and there are boats to overtake or boats to beat to the finish line!  Bluejacket pipped a Lower Thames craft to the finish line by perhaps two seconds.”

Results will be available later. In these notes Alan includes the stop off at the River Garden Public House for a little light refreshment.  

“Suitably rehydrated, we returned by boat to the Carrow Yacht Club and helped each other to get the boats out of the water and onto their road trailers for the homeward journeys.”

Getting ready:IMG_9313.jpg

The teams:IMG_9311.jpg

That man upside down again:IMG_9306.jpg

Gathering for the start with Kings Lynn:IMG_9321.jpg

Recovery – of boats:IMG_9328.jpg


Recovery – of people:IMG_9327.jpg

Say no more:IMG_9326.jpg

Well done all who took part.