Is Spring just round the corner..?

While the slipway area at the boatyard on Barton Broad has been closed in with enough ice to stop us rowing for a few days now, there is movement onshore.

Bluejacket is due for her annual check-over and paint touch-up. Today we collected her and towed her to Barrie’s workshop. At first sight, she has weathered her outings well since a full re-paint last year.

We shall still have to sand off the varnish and re-do the gunwales etc. and touch up the interior – so…yes please, we shall need some hands to help wield the sandpaper and then paint-brushes.

Please watch the calendar and if you can help mid-week that would be great.

Retrieving Bluejacket from her winter hideout…



Safely tucked up inside the barn, ready for some t.l.c.


More details to follow.


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