Ludham bridge and back…

Alan reports on another great Winter outing – his words and photos:
‘XCweather prediction for Barton Turf (on Friday) was for winds from the South of 13-23mph with no rain and maybe sun – and that is what we got.
It was delightful.  The crew was made up of Roland and Louise, Tom, Dan and myself.  During the three hour outing to Ludham Bridge and back, there was hardly any lull in conversation, except when we were called upon to concentrate on timing, rate being increased or decreased, or encouraged to apply more pressure.
Once we were just asked to concentrate on the length of our stroke, nothing else, not even to apply any more pressure, and the result was a significant increase in boat speed – then we got back to the serious business of talking!
We had a beautiful sighting of a Kingfisher in flight.  On the way back, we even had a family of “otters eating biscuits out of our hands” (according to Dan! Ed.)  or was it a sighting of a water vole – sometimes referred to as a water rat! (Ratty of Wind in the Willows fame. Ed.)
Attached are some pictures of today.  I do have permission from Louise to use her photo “getting back into Hoi Larntan”.’
Let the pictures tell the tale:
Is it a bird? Is it a plane?…!To Ludham Bridge and back_-1.jpg
Watch out – the guy behind you is trying to walk on water…!To Ludham Bridge and back_-3.jpg
That’s the way to do it…!To Ludham Bridge and back_-5.jpg
Many thanks to Alan and the crew who clearly enjoyed a great row, basking in the ever- reliable Norfolk sunshine. What more could anyone want?

Puddles and more puddles…

A typical day on the Norfolk Broads – you’ve heard the expression ‘Normal for Norfolk’?

Words, photos and captions from Rosemary. (I’m not taking the blame! Ed.)

‘Men being domestic’…IMG_1274.jpeg

‘The outing started with a warm-up (as all athletic activity should. Ed.) Lynne had us  wandering about flapping our arms in imitation of chickens…!’

‘Adrian offered some coaching – cutting the cake (ask Adrian if you don’t know this one. Ed.) and inspecting the size of individual puddles to see who was working hardest (names withheld to protect the innocent. Ed.)


Or those…?IMG_1273.jpeg

The next excitement:

‘We had a Mayday practice – when Pirates got us, we sank and we needed coffee.’

(They say it takes all sorts to row with CRAB…Ed.)

‘All was well, we got back before the rain and retired to the pub for lunch.’

(Twas ever thus. Ed.)

Many thanks Rosemary.

P.S. Isn’t the inside of the boat a nice colour…?