Puddles and more puddles…

A typical day on the Norfolk Broads – you’ve heard the expression ‘Normal for Norfolk’?

Words, photos and captions from Rosemary. (I’m not taking the blame! Ed.)

‘Men being domestic’…IMG_1274.jpeg

‘The outing started with a warm-up (as all athletic activity should. Ed.) Lynne had us  wandering about flapping our arms in imitation of chickens…!’

‘Adrian offered some coaching – cutting the cake (ask Adrian if you don’t know this one. Ed.) and inspecting the size of individual puddles to see who was working hardest (names withheld to protect the innocent. Ed.)


Or those…?IMG_1273.jpeg

The next excitement:

‘We had a Mayday practice – when Pirates got us, we sank and we needed coffee.’

(They say it takes all sorts to row with CRAB…Ed.)

‘All was well, we got back before the rain and retired to the pub for lunch.’

(Twas ever thus. Ed.)

Many thanks Rosemary.

P.S. Isn’t the inside of the boat a nice colour…?