Semaine du Golfe


Great event! Follow this link for a great video of the final parade:

Semaine du Golfe Grand Parade

Look for us at 0:35!

There are more videos on youtube if you search, will post some of our pictures here when we get them sorted out.


You’re o’right buoy…

Roland reports:

Here it is. No17 in the order of green buoys coming out of Blakeney. Photo over the bow of my boat on a return into Blakeney to give you an idea. It is well out of the Cut, down towards Blakeney Sailing Club’s Lapwing.


May Day row…

What’s this?   Another empty boat?  How did it get there?IMG_1346.jpeg

Are these two oystercatchers the crew?IMG_1349.jpeg

All was well. Rosemary tells me the human crew were ingesting caffeine and chocolate in preparation for a testing row back before the imminent rain shower arrived (it never did!) – weaving their way through the Blakeney Sailing Club dinghies, racing in a stiff Southerly breeze.

A good work-out for all. It is called ‘Labour Day’ in various parts of the world, so why not?