There are lifeboats and lifeboats…

More photos from Rosemary of the Lifeboat blessing at Blakeney Quay.IMG_6671.JPG

It’s those hats again…IMG_6675.JPG


Meanwhile…in Stornaway, a bigger lifeboat – and alongside, a former CRAB President has parked her ‘other little boat’. Well, just borrowed for the week really, as she sails the very Northern tip of Scotland to the Shetland Isles and on to Northern Ireland. Fair winds and bon voyage!2017-08-26-PHOTO-00000060.jpg


Earlier, our intrepid crew battled the reeds along the Cley Channel to reach the Cley Harbour Festival bright and early one mid-summer morning!IMG_6614.JPG



The end in sight…


Thanks to Rosemary for these.