St Ayles skiffs on the Clyde…

Our crew before the start…IMG_0561.JPG

Passing under the Erskine Bridge – at full throttle…IMG_0574.JPG

It is mighty lonely out there on the Clyde with that massive Finnieston Crane breathing down on you.IMG_5716.JPG

Towards the end…

Is the strain beginning to show or is that smiles of achievement?FullSizeRender.jpg

Thanks to Micheal from Mingulay for this one of them at the start…


At the end…IMG_5727.JPG

6th out of 8 in our class and either 27th (according to Anta) or 37th (according to Rosemary) out of 75 skiffs in total – brilliant either way.  Well done all who travelled.

Another badge for the bow of Hoi Larntan!


Where are they now…?

If I am not much mistaken, that is the Finnieston Crane in Glasgow…IMG_0583.JPG

That’s an awful long way from Blakeney Harbour.

No doubt, all will become clear. Watch this space.


Of shoes – and ships – and sealing wax – of eagles and things…

From our roving reporters:

“Robin and Rosemary were given a memorable ten mile row off the West coast of Lewis. Their wonderful, generous hosts, Charlie, Pam, and Jackie, trusted their rowing ability and a request to see sea eagles. And see them they did,  hooge birds!
Hope to visit Norfolk with Florence.”


I am sure we will make them most welcome. (Ed.)

Aren’t the Outer Isles magical – especially in the sunshine?


Skiffies get everywhere…

Now, what are they all looking at?UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_a209.jpg

He must be brave – or mad…?UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_a208.jpg

A security conscious CRAB committee member demonstrating that all things are possible – with a safety harness.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_a20c.jpg

And he made it to the top of the ratlines.

It was blowing a steady 24 knots, gusting 30 knots on Charlie Wards’ beautiful barge yacht “Juno” as we spent a day in the lower harbour Blakeney. We dried out on the East side of the channel for a sumptuous lunch and game of Viking Skittles on the beach. Well, you couldn’t really enjoy a row in that weather.

Said safety officer accepted the challenge to climb Juno’s massive mast. Quite a view from up there – I am told!


A Summer’s evening row…

Rosemary records:

“The row started in grey and ended in sun.  It all depends, though, which way you are looking. Half-way landing was about to be shared with the carcass of an unfortunate,  deceased seal – but the crew mutinied so we made it to Pinchen’s Creek.” (along with one of the seal-watching/ferry boats. Ed)IMG_1633.jpg

What a sky!IMG_1639.jpg

Skiffs are everywhere…

Barry, Diana and Amy enjoyed true Scottish hospitality recently and sent some words and pictures of their outing with Gairloch Rowing Club on 18th August, 2017. Ignore date/time on GoPro photos!
“Jim and Karen from Gairloch kindly took us out on Loch Ewe in the club’s beautiful skiff “Longa.” There was a variety of weather throughout the afternoon, including a downpour just as we were launching. However, a good time was had by all and it was great to chat about rowing in the area. Hopefully, our two boat hosts will visit (us here in) Norfolk one day.
Many thanks to Jim, Karen and to Gairloch Rowing Club.
Barry H.
P.S: I’ve made no mention of midges!”
(No comment. See below! Ed.)
Handy day-glow hood? Keeps the midges away?
St Ayles for ever! A great community.