St Ayles skiffs on the Clyde…

Our crew before the start…IMG_0561.JPG

Passing under the Erskine Bridge – at full throttle…IMG_0574.JPG

It is mighty lonely out there on the Clyde with that massive Finnieston Crane breathing down on you.IMG_5716.JPG

Towards the end…

Is the strain beginning to show or is that smiles of achievement?FullSizeRender.jpg

Thanks to Micheal from Mingulay for this one of them at the start…


At the end…IMG_5727.JPG

6th out of 8 in our class and either 27th (according to Anta) or 37th (according to Rosemary) out of 75 skiffs in total – brilliant either way.  Well done all who travelled.

Another badge for the bow of Hoi Larntan!