Boating on beautiful Barton Broad…

Alan reports on a glorious row in spectacular October weather on Barton Broad and further along the Ant:
“So eager were we that we set off ahead of scheduled departure time.  Thank goodness Ophelia’s effects were not evident on the River Ant.  We sheltered in and shared the river with three other vessels as well as many swans and herons.
Our rhythm and timings were such that we made Wayford Bridge Yacht Station for morning coffee and back long before midday.  Conversation only ceasing in the boat when the cox called for TEN FIRM!”
The photos tell the story:
Ready to launch…
In the water…Tuesday-2.jpg
Coffee break already?…Tuesday-3.jpg
Different. Tend not to get too many sheep at Blakeney…Tuesday-5.jpg
Row, row, row the boat…Tuesday-8.jpg
Is that what they mean by ‘catch’?…Tuesday-9.jpg
Safely home again…Tuesday-10.jpg
So lucky with the weather!