North West Passage…

Alan tells the tale of bold adventure. (North West of the Cley car park, that is…)

Bluejacket was taken for a spin today, Tuesday, by Alan, Mark, Ian, Morag, and David.  Who would have thought that half way through November we could have had such an enjoyable row – well anyone in CRAB actually!

Ian coxed us and by common consent we agreed to go up the Cley Channel. With the tide not quite full, we turned North before we got to Cley and headed for the South side of the shingle mass of Cley Beach.  The channel got narrower and narrower, and more and more shallow.   Eventually we made headway by using short-order oars, punting and then pulling ourselves along by grabbing the grassy banks!

Leaving the boat tied to a bush (brilliant knotting from Morag. Ed.) we headed for the North Sea on foot careful to avoid the hidden channels/holes.  Ian managed to find one – (see photo).  We soaked in the sounds of calming breakers rolling in from the North Sea, the sight of fishermen casting their lines and the birders queuing up to see Terns and waders. (A large bull seal watched us languorously from about 10 metres offshore, too…Ed.)

Finding the route home, after we had remembered to undo the painter (that knot sure held!) Ed.), was somewhat interesting. It’s so easy to go the wrong way!! (We had only one Yachtmaster on board! Ed.) It took just three attempts until we felt confident to continue rowing back up the correct channel which led to Blakeney.  Once back in the harbour, David took over the duties of cox and Ian the duties of stroke.  Despite the latter, we were back at the slipway before dark, just as planned!

Do it again? – You bet….


Alan said something about a trip – or was it a spin?Picure-2.jpg

The crew minus photographer…Picure-3.jpg

The crew plus photographer – if you see what I mean…?Picure-4.jpg