Well, blow me down…

Alan’s photos make it look calm enough, but read on…


“Saturday 30th December 2017.

Tom led the row today and where he went Alan, Barry, Diana and Amy followed; well not strictly true.  Diana coxed us out of Barton Turf, including a practice figure of eight turn, Tom then coxed us to Wayford and Amy coxed us home again.

The sun shone and the rain held off allowing us to enjoy the temperature of 10°C.  The wind was as predicted, gusting to 35mph, maybe a forerunner of Storm Dylan?

The wind proved a significant force, stopping us coasting under the A149 at Wayford – it blew us back from whence we came.  We had to take another go at shooting the bridge but needed to row through with short-order oars.  After stopping to share our refreshments (not with the swans) and stories of losing cars we were blown back to Barton Turf.Wayford-3.jpg

The light-weight oars proved very popular. We enjoyed their flexibility and were able to up our stroke rate to 30 plus – our thanks to Rob and all his hard work developing them.”


Looking forward to many more successful outings in the sun.

Happy New Year to all.