Early February on the Ant…

Alan tells of an outing with a special guest, abandoning his own boatyard (not to mention wife, family and dogs) for a chance to row with experienced CRAB hands.

Saturday 3rd February

Rowing from Barton Turf across Barton Broad up (down?) the River Ant to Howe Hill in 30 minutes.  Was there a following wind, no! (see photos?)  Was the tide flowing in our favour?  NO!

We welcomed Neil who joined our crew to row for the first time.  Something just clicked and the team all pulled together, perfectly balanced fore and aft, beam to beam with the strokes very nearly all timed to perfection.  Rob coxed us, gently encouraging the timing and not too ambitious rates.  The power was transmitted through the oars and gates resulting in boat speed.  After coffee at Howe Hill, the return journey to Cox’s Boat Yard was equally fun to do.  This time Roland coxed, getting us to power up for first ten, then fifteen, then twenty strokes with easy rowing in between.  The crew rose to the challenge resulting in good feelings all round.

Catherine and Alan took variously bow, stroke, 2nd and 3rd positions in the boat!

No tricks…photos by a friend of Alan’s who just happened to be in Barton Turf on cue.

Looking good – haul away together…

Barton Broad_-1.jpg

Those are sails, not oars…

Barton Broad_-2.jpg

Ah, the all-important coffee-break. No spirits…?

Barton Broad_-3.jpg

Watch out for a row to the Swan at Horning…coming soon.