Decent weather at Blakeney

Last Thursday saw high tides, bright sunshine and warm but strong winds at Blakeney…

CRAB 19 June kSalt Marshes at High Tide BlakeneyAn

And a nice sunset –

CRAB Sunset after hard row and Fish and Chip supper

Tide caused a slight delay in departure, enabling members to figure out how to fit Rob’s new gadgets to hold footrests in place whilst towing (which do work BTW, but need a little  more development)

CRAB waiting to figure out Rob's engineering and the tide to recede

Meanwhile, back at oar making HQ, 2 new oars have taken shape – one made from an old Collars oar, short at 3.2 metres, intended as a spare that can be more easily carried in the boat, and one, a development of the 4.2 metre lightweight oars, par of the on-going development plan…



These are now with the boats & available for use – all feedback welcome.