GRR pictures from the organisers

GRR have posted lots of pictures on Flikr – some of our boats at the bottom of page 2, and about halfway down pages 3 & 4. If you’ve not been to the event, overall this album gives a good feel for what it’s like.

Link to pictures on Flikr


More from the Great River Race 2018.

IMG_6632IMG_6621IMG_6644IMG_6630IMG_6665Here are some great action pictures taken by Rosemary. The GRR, once again, was an amazing day out on the water with all the excitement of competing and the fun of meeting other rowers. These photographs really give the sense of what it’s like to be in the middle of it all. Thanks to Rosemary and, of course, to Anta and Humphrey for undertaking the responsibility of towing.

Great River Race 2018

Both BJ & HL contested GRR this year, in breezy but otherwise good conditions – pictures & full details on runners & riders later, but times were
H-L 3:08:46
Bluejacket 3:27:58
Fastest StAyles was the Dutch Groot & Grut3, at 2:38:52 coming third overall behind a Pilot Gig & Outrigger canoe.

Here’s BJ’s track & speed log through London- the spike in speed at 6 miles was where we were given a little encouragement from behind by a faster boat (there are other ways of describing the incident) – no damage done however!




Special thanks to Humphrey & Anna for towing!

Battle Royal.

IMG_3117Battle Royal. These are great pictures, sent by Adrian, of Hoi Larntan winning the Blakeney Regatta. This was one of the closest and fastest races for some time. Notice the cox, Tom Green, looking over his shoulder in one picture and every member of the crew pulling hard until the end. It really was a battle royal. Both crews certainly gave of their best.