Great Morning At Barton.

Alan’s Narrative:

Tony and David were on their first and second goes at rowing with CRAB in Barton today, along with Tom, the club captain, Alan, the safety officer and Dan, a long standing member. One never knows the experience that is in the boat when one starts the adventure. Tom effected the introductions and directed the safe launching without getting our feet wet! Basic instructions were given and we set sail, sorry we rowed out of Barton Turf, avoiding the fishing lines.
The timings were excellent, near perfect entry points of catch at the start of the stroke. It was only as the morning progressed and we got to know each other that small details emerged. For example Tony, an established sailor and David a rower with history. David quietly told us that he had rowed from the Houses of Parliament to Paris and that he had rowed around the British Isles.
What a great experience to have been out this morning. I hope the photos go a little way to showing our experience and cameraderie.