Rowing Tips At Barton.

Thanks to Alan C for the following narrative:

Having rowed once or twice on the Thames in Putney and on a rowing machine, today Danielle had her first trial row with CRAB in Bluejacket on Barton Broad.  She was instantly a team player and in no time at all the boat was gliding effortlessly over the water.  After about 30 minutes, Tom the club captain was congratulating Danielle and suggested some minor changes to her technique, which she adopted instantly.
At How Hill we moored up and enjoyed some light refreshments before rearranging the crew to give everyone a chance to row.
On the way back Dan quietly and from the position of stroke, gave some instruction on rowing technique.  He demonstrated different entries of the blade into the water at the start of the stroke, also the most efficient movement of the blade through the water. “Placement” was now the watchword on all our lips.
Saturday mornings were made for this was the cry!
Crew: Tom, Dan, Rob, Alan & Danielle.