Three Men in a Boat … and one on helm.

Thanks to Richard A for the story of the outing:

“We had an enjoyable row at Barton Broad despite one crew member not turning up. Hence three men in a boat – Richard Andrews, Rob Dunster and Tom Harris, plus Adrian Marfleet at helm – decided to head out and enjoy the glass like conditions. However some of the conditions were really glass like as we encountered ice. We had to pick our way out of Barton Turf and up the River Ant towards Wayford Bridge. Rob has included two paddles should future crews go ice breaking and he will issue instructions on how to gauge the conditions. The balance of the crew was good and the boat ran well. No otters but helm spotted a kingfisher and the odd Marsh Harrier. We took turns on helm and different rowing positions including putting stroke on the other side just for fun. It’s days like this that make trips out to Barton Turf that bit special. There was no traffic on the river, just the odd pike fisherman. A good day was had by all!!

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