Early Morning Row At Blakeney.

Thanks to Alan C for his summary of the outing. It was certainly one to remember:

“The water was nearly millpond flat but the residue of Storm Freya could be heard pounding the north shore the other side of the spit.
Apparently in 1225 St. Marher said “And te tide and te time þat tu iboren were, schal beon iblescet.”
Time and tide may not wait for any man but, at 6.15, we had to decide whether to wait or call for our remaining crewman. At 6.25 we knocked on Neil’s door and a very apologetic Neil joined us shortly after for a lovely row to Pinchen’s Creek. Rob’s lightweight oars with their thinner handles were a great success. THANKS Rob. Taking it in turns to cox, stroke and row on the way out, on the way back we did it without changing positions. Strangely, the return leg was faster than the outgoing one.
For two hours Catherine, Sue, Neil, Alan and Barry forgot all about land-based thoughts, then they landed back at the slipway at Blakeney.”