Misty Morning Crew.

Sunday 7th April dawned dull and misty with only a fleeting view of the Watch House. Would there be a morning outing? After a brief discussion, it was decided to go for it. Catherine, Madeleine, Carol, Diana and Barry swiftly took their seats before hauling two sailing boats towards windier conditions nearer the end of the cut. A good way to limber up!
The water was calm, just right for the crew to work on timing, but visibility called for great care and attention. Nevertheless, there was still the chance for a well earned refreshment break – drifting in the silence eating chocolate biscuits and apricots. Then, a quick visit to chat to sailing club members on Lapwing and we set off home at high tide. The ladies kept an excellent pace back towards the slipway and the journey passed quickly. Coffee was shared and stories were exchanged on the Carnser. A very enjoyable outing!