Weekend At Woodbridge.

Thanks to Adrian and Rosemary for their account:
Here are a few images of Bluejacket on the Deben River at Woodbridge in front of the famous Tide Mill and moored next to a barge. We were there for the launch of Whisstock, a new St Ayles skiff built by the Woodbridge Coastal Rowing Club. The skiff is named after the boatyard which stood on the Woodbridge waterfront from 1926 to 1990 and has been constructed over the last year in The Longshed which will be the building home of a full-sized replica of the Sutton Hoo grave ship. The Mayor and Drum band kept the heavy showers at bay for our time afloat. The water was shared with another new boat, a pirouge, which had been built by youngsters who really enjoyed their first excursion on the wet stuff.
Hopefully the Woodbridge boat will visit Blakeney before too long.

On a different note, congratulations to everyone who has attended FIrst Aid courses in the past year. Now 18 members have current First Aid certificates and 16 of the 21 Authorised Rowers. There may be more who have not recorded their achievements.