Morbihan Memories.

The expedition to the Golfe du Morbihan was a great rowing experience for veterans of previous years and for first timers. It was a week of adventure in great company. Places on the itinerary included Ile d’Arz, Arradon, Locmariaquer, Saint-Goustan, Le Logeo, Larmor-Baden, Port Navalo and Plougoumelen. The crews’ leisure and rowing time was expertly organised by Adrian and our Breton hosts welcomed all participants at the staging posts. There was ample opportunity to sample the local food. Evenings were spent swapping the day’s tales in the most entertaining way. The Grand Parade, at the end of the week, was an incredible spectacle. Below are just a few memories of the week with more to follow …

Thanks to all who took part for their company; particularly to Lynn and Adrian for towing and to Stephen T for driving people to the meeting places so efficiently.

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