A Stunning Morning Outing.

What a fantastic row this morning! Tom, Alan, Roland, Diana and Barry set off at 7am to catch the best time of the day on the water. Alan’s account sums it up perfectly:

“The row this morning was so enjoyable from so many different points of view. In fact, if this narrative was written from each point it might have the beginnings of a novel but that’s a different story.

We took it in turns to row in various seats, four of us coxed at one time or other – the water gliding under the boat, making each stroke count for maximum distance travelled, except when we were over the marsh! Stopping short of the Point, we rowed into the bay just before it. Apparently, in times gone by, this bay was a regular swimming area, one could be rowed out for six pence (6d) and stay there all day.

The row back went too quickly, maybe as a result of undertaking pyramid training exercises (seemingly worth £30 in a gymnasium). “Reedy” followed us up the cut but we powered up and left her in our wake.

Can’t wait for the next outing.”