The Cley Run.

Alan C. captures the experience of rowing to Cley with four ladies:

“Four ladies and a man to rowed to Cley. On the way they practised Man Overboard or rather Buoy Overboard with bucket attached. Heather the stroke immediately started pointing to the buoy and requesting that channel 16 should be used to alert the authorities. The remaining oars got back to the buoy and rescued him perfectly. We discussed a real person coming in feet first, also what if it was one of us who was overboard; we decided to enjoy our row to Cley and practise that next time.
Realising that we would be against the wind on the return leg, we let the wind and tide take us some of the way on the outward leg. Unfortunately, the tide was not really high enough to reach Cley beach but we did try. After our stop in a creek for refreshments, the cox pulled us back to deeper waters where we met several kayakers also returning to Blakeney.
For some reason several people took our photo, whilst we endeavoured to keep timings perfect, (see attached!)

Great fun and we were pleased to see Rob and Jenny at the slipway to help us back to terra firma.

Do it again, most definitely.”

Cley run_