Wroxham To Coltishall And Back.

On Monday 14th October a group of Crabbers rowed from Wroxham to Coltishall and back; a very scenic outing with the added attraction of a pub lunch.
Tom H, David P, Rob and Diana and Barry H made up the crew. “Bluejacket” was launched just after 10 am from the Wroxham Yacht Club slipway on to clear, glassy water. The drizzle stopped and there was even a hint of sun as the voyage got underway. Tom and David shared coxing and stroking duties on the outward journey and The King’s Head at Coltishall was reached in an hour and a half as expected.

After an excellent pub lunch, which revived energies, the return journey began. Wind and current favoured this second leg and Diana was able to take photographs from the cox’s seat before stroking the skiff under the Wroxham bridges and back to the slipway. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day on the water.

Many thanks to Tom and David for towing.