Wayford Bridge And Beyond.

The first of the winter season’s outings from Barton Turf saw Bluejacket go in the direction of How Hill. This time, on Monday 4th November, it was decided to go through Wayford Bridge. Having travelled through pouring rain to arrive at Barton under threatening clouds, more showers were expected. However, as soon as all was ready, the weather cleared and the crew set off in bright sunshine. Barry coxed, Rob stroked, Mark and Tom H formed the powerhouse and Diana took the bow seat. Really good progress was made towards the bridge, through it and then to the turn in the river just beyond. After some friendly banter with midstream fishermen, a refreshment stop provided an opportunity to rake over England’s Rugby World Cup performance. The clear reflections of oars on the water were also appreciated.

On the return journey, Diana coxed, Tom and Mark changed seats in the middle, and Rob was at bow. The weather kept fine to make conditions absolutely perfect.