Sun On The Water At How Hill.

Many thanks, once again, to Alan C for the following vivid description:

“The cox, Bazza Howes, had not only to guide us out onto the open water but he had to contend with the several fishermen in Barton Turf Staithe. These fishermen were able to cast their lines miles, well a very impressive distance.
We rowed across Barton Broad, up the River Ant, over the Irstead Shoals to How Hill. Barry thought we (Alan, Roland, Dave and Diana) looked very comfortable rowing, our timings were excellent, so he said. Having identified a straight section of the river, we all agreed to undertake some power rowing, five strokes firm, ten really powerful strokes, back to five firm and then normal rowing. So effective were we that the boat reached a bend in the river that had not been there only moments before. Actually, we were going so fast round the bend that the boat leaned over slightly; next time we’ll lean into the bend to keep the boat flat.
On the return leg, Roland coxed. His dream wish was to see a Kingfisher. The crew was in no doubt that his wish came true as he nearly fell out the boat with excitement. We were very happy for him and did not want to spoil his enjoyment by telling him what was following us……..
Great company, good fun and healthy exercise, what more could one ask for!”