Sun On The Broads.

Thanks to Duncan H for a vivid description of Saturday’s sunny outing:

“Bright and sunny conditions on Saturday 18th January made for a fine morning’s row from Barton Turf. The model yacht enthusiasts looked nervous as Bluejacket emerged into their midst from the jetty under Heather’s expert helming, probably with good reason as one of the crew caught an enormous crab at this point and was knocked rudely from their thwart. But the crew soon found their natural rhythm with Clive stroking, Duncan at three, Jules at two and Sue in bow. Having been blinded by the sun as we crossed Barton Broad, Heather swapped places with Jules and we continued on to How Hill where we moored up for a welcome coffee. Suitably refreshed, we began the homeward journey, this time with Sue helming, Duncan at stroke, Heather at three, Jules at two and Clive in bow. Duncan cannily swapped with Sue to take the helm just before we regained the Broad, across which the crew then had to pull vigorously to make headway against the strong headwind. The boat cleaned and put away, all agreed it had been an excellent outing. The wildlife count Included several cormorants, a grebe or two and a pair of hen harriers but no kingfishers or otters (really, does it ever?).”