Rowing Returns.

The first Blakeney outing for many months took place yesterday afternoon, 4.30 pm Sunday 30th August. Victoria, Andrew, John, Barry and Clive took all precautions to ensure a safe row. Masks were worn, distances were kept and the gloves used for setting up and moving “Bluejacket” were changed for rowing gloves before paddling commenced. Victoria, as cox, wore mask and visor. Quite a crowd gathered to see off the masked outing into a strongish northerly wind.

The going was quite hard, against wind and tide, but Andrew kept up a steady stroke and the banter flowed. The rowers dispensed with masks half way up the Cut. There were three cheers for our intrepid cox as Juno was neared.

Equal care was taken as “Bluejacket” was hauled out of the water wiped down and sprayed. Masks were once again the order of the day.

Great to be back on the water! Many thanks to Victoria for organising and, of course, coxing throughout.