A Great Tide!

Anta, Humphrey, Diana, Amy and Barry took to the water not long after 7 am this morning to brave the strong wind and high tide. The usual scenery took on a distinctly different appearance as the water, a 9.5, flowed in. The going was hard but the humour level was high as “Bluejacket” made her way through the waves and an awkward crosswind. Barry stroked, Amy and Anta formed the engine room, Diana rowed at bow. Humphrey, again, coxed most ably and made the wise decision to turn before the Morston boats. There was plenty of rowing left in the outing. Humphrey guided the skiff expertly towards home. The slipway loomed rapidly and the usual space in a waterlogged boat park was soon gained.

Breakfast was a real bonus. Croissants, chocolate and coffee. Thanks to Humphrey once again.

Thanks to Alan Collett for the above picture. He writes, “Today a happy band of CRAB members were spotted getting ready to launch into the 9.5m Spring Tide at Blakeney. This photo allegedly shows them all smiling at coronavirus safe distances,”

More to follow …