A Row to Freedom.

Many thanks to Richard Andrews for the following words. As always, the report is much appreciated.

“A row to freedom. Tom David Emily Adrian and Richard set off from Barton Turf with a decision to head to Sutton then Stalham for a coffee break. 

It was great to be back on the water with no hire boats to get in the way. The geese were noisily complaining as we interrupted their lockdown surroundings, and we saw marsh harriers playing with the wind. 

The stint up to Sutton was fast but when we turned we felt the full force of the wind and regretted we cound not feather the oars.

We moored up at the no mooring sign at Stalham in true club tradition and switched round for the return trip after coffee.

The row back to Barton saw lots of birdlife including a kingfisher and more otters than you could shake an oar at.

A great start to the season and only 3 other boats seen on the outing.

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