How Hill And Beyond …

The morning of Monday, April 12th, was calm and sunny as Tom H, Humphrey, David, Richard and Barry set off for the mooring station past How Hill. Zig zagging across the Broad, just to confuse the swans, the crew experienced a peaceful voyage with no sightings of other craft. It was great to be in the middle of such a setting before the tourist season begins. Richard coxed the crew towards the mooring and David set the pace at stroke. How Hill was reached, passed and soon the crew members were relaxing and chatting under a clear, blue sky in a perfect spot.

Barry took over the coxing duties for the return journey. The last third of the row, across Barton Broad, was into a persistent wind. The crew dug deep and the boatyard was reached after a very satisfying row.

Don’t forget to sign up for rows from Barton Turf. It’s a beautiful place to row at this time.