Moving Bluejacket.

Catherine, Adrian H, Clive, Humphrey and Barry met at 4.00 pm on Saturday 24th April, a bright but breezy afternoon, to take to the water. After a pleasant chat around Bluejacket, the crew pushed the skiff towards the slipway to exchange more friendly banter with members of the sailing club who were edging their way towards the incoming tide. Soon the way was clear and, with Humphrey coxing and Adrian at stroke, the skiff was soon away and heading up the Cut; Barry and Catherine occupied the central positions and Clive rowed at bow.

The open water was lively but interesting and it was decided to row a circular course in front of the Watch House. Heading into wind called for the crew to apply pressure but everyone was equal to the task and the conversation was maintained during a really enjoyable row. The playful wind called for some interesting manoeuvres as the slipway was reached but Rob was there to lend an extra pair of hands as Bluejacket was moved smoothly on to the trailer.

After cleaning Bluejacket thoroughly, she was moved to her new home near the entrance to the Dinghy Park. It was another varied and pleasurable outing for all involved.