High Tide Outing.

The morning high tide looked magnificent on Thursday 29th April as Tom H, Elaine, John, Diana and Barry set out at 7.20 am to row to Morston Creek. In the event, the keen crew made such good progress against the tide and a strong headwind that it was possible to land Bluejacket near Pinchen’s Creek for a break. This was a pleasant, relaxing experience in the sun; a time for taking refreshment and photographs.

A quick change of positions and the Crabbers set off at 8.20 to arrive back with the high tide at 9.00 am. Once again, the skiff moved well and the conversation flowed. The outing drew to a close in the most interesting way as Tom expertly guided the skiff over the water covered car park to a position very close to Bluejacket’s new position in the Dinghy Park. After leaving the skiff ready for the next outing, everyone went home smiling.