Bank Holiday Rowing.

It was an eventful weekend’s rowing with a complete mixture of weather. Andrew, Anta, Catherine, Rosemary and Robin had to wait for the rain to stop on Saturday whilst Sunday’s crew of Humphrey, Sarah, Catherine, Tom M and Tom H rowed in sunshine and beached at Pinchen’s Creek.

A very warm welcome to Sarah and Tom M who rowed with the club for the first time.

Rosemary provided the following report and some of the rainy pictures. Many thanks for the account, Rosemary.

“It was so good to be on the Carnser on Saturday, even if welcomed by a heavy rain storm which we sat out in cars, and see one or two old friends before rowing with Andrew, Anta, Catherine and Robin. To get bitterly cold, wet feet, perishing everywhere else except when endeavouring to row back. to have made Pinchen’s Creek and see birds, to listen to formidable chatter, to find that as cox on the way out I could just about get BJ where we thought we might go without hitting a yacht or a sand bank, and to struggle with the rowing on the way back. Coffee break at Pinchen’s Creek was taken on the drift as we did not land due to much concern for a baby bird or one which had just arrived, exhausted. As I felt after rowing back against the wind to the Carnser for the first time in a year. Here’s to warmer and calmer rowing over the summer.”