Five Mile Row.

Many thanks to Richard Andrews for the following report of the “Castle to Crane” five mile row on Friday 7th May:

“The five mile timed row at Barton Turf.
Weather fine , wind low and boat traffic at a minimum. 

On arrival at Barton Turf Humphrey announced that the 5 mile timed row was registered as an over 50s mixed crew. Therefore Humphrey, Tom, Adrian, David and Richard had to make some adjustments to comply with the application. We set off towards Wayford Bridge at a good pace maintaining a steady stroke rate , we overtook a hire boat just past Amanda Holden’s week-end residence. Bow waves causing a mass evacuation of Canada Geese and Swans as we powered down the river. A quick turnaround at the bridge and adjustment of tutus and makeup prepared us for a power row back to Barton.  This time two hire boats were thundered past and were cast aside as the “mixed crew” made light work of the return. The time was recorded by Humphrey and the crew reverted to their normal attire and prepared Hoi Larntan for her return to Blakeney. We all agreed it was a great final row and were sad to leave the Broads but looked forward to our return in the autumn.”

A time of one hour and four minutes was recorded. Well done crew!