Blowing a hooley on the Ant, Friday 22nd October.

Thanks again to the prolific Richard Andrews for his memorable title and description concerning another morning adventure. Keep those reports coming!

“Andrew, Duncan, David and Tom with Richard on helm set out from Cox’s Boatyard. I decided a row up the Ant was preferable to battling the white horses on Barton Broad. Our usual Tuesday and Friday fine weather was present, however strong gusts blew down certain sections of the river. The crew powered through these challenges like true professionals.  I thought it was a good idea to shoot Wayford Bridge and take a coffee stop the other side, but after 15 strong strokes  we only managed a third way through due to the wind tunnel effect under the bridge. With a minimum of faffage we used the blades to act as sails and blew us back. The row back to Barton Turf was an easy run with the wind behind us , with glassy water and beautiful Autumnal reflections.”