Another Cracking Morning On The Broads.

Richard A has produced another vivid account of the latest outing at Barton, Tuesday 26th October. Many thanks once again Richard:

“David, Roland, Adrian, Tom and Richard on helm set off on another beautiful morning at Barton Turf.  It certainly helps when a certain member of the crew has the right connection  to guarantee good weather on the Tuesday and Friday rows. 
We headed off to How Hill navigating down the left side of Barton Broad avoiding the hire boats. We arrived at How Hill in 35 minutes despite having to reduce speed because of cruiser traffic. We moored up at the boat shed and enjoyed some banter and coffee.Roland took us back to Cox’s Marina via Turkey Broad and the opposite bank of Barton Broad. Lots of cruisers and sailing craft on the Broad but we were well away from them.A most enjoyable row. Seats available for dates through November and December.”