Gaily To Gaye’s Staithe.

There have been some great reports concerning recent outings. Thanks to Duncan H for the excellent title, words and pictures arising from the expedition on Thursday 28th October.

“Perfect conditions for Adrian H, Lynne H, Sue W, Emily N and Duncan H on this outing. After some debate as to which pointy end was the bow and which the stern, which side was bow and which was stroke, and whether you numbered off the thwarts from front to back or back to front (by which time I think Adrian H, our Authorised Rower, was beginning to wonder whether any of this lot had ever seen a boat before), Bluejacket gracefully slipped away from the jetty at Barton Turf  and we headed for Barton Broad. What is it about Barton Broad? It had been dead calm at the boatyard, but a fair wind was blowing by the time we hit the open water. Still, it was a good work-out for our pectorals and biceps, and we appreciated the coffee-stop at Gaye’s Staithe all the more for it. More of the same on the way back but at least we had a following wind once we rounded the island in the Broad. Emily brought us expertly back to the jetty again and we man-handled Bluejacket back to her berth. Many thanks to Adrian and Emily for helming, and great to see Sue out on the water again.”