Momentous Autumn Watch Row.

Richard A has supplied the title and the text for the latest outing from Cox’s Boatyard. Thanks to him, once again, for highlighting the number of rows now regularly taking place.

“Humphrey, Andrew, Tom, David and Richard on helm, set out from Barton Turf with a plan to encounter as much fauna as possible in a morning’s row. We were immediately rewarded with the sight of a wood pigeon, followed by the otter who is always in the same place. A grey heron paraded itself on the Cox’s marina sign,picture attached ,unfortunately it flew off. We changed our plan to search Barton Broad as it was blowing a hooley. We set course for Wayford Bridge Go Pro’s switched on but nothing spotted.Coffee stop and a row back to Barton Turf was equally momentous……..nothing.However the row was excellent, superb cadence and the weather was as ordered.”