“It’s Friday, therefore the weather is great!”

Thanks to Richard A for his most imaginative and evocative account yet. The Mankini image is particularly powerful… Get your orders in!

“Duncan, Andrew, Richard, David and Tom on helm set off for a longer than usual row as the weather was so good. We finally managed to capture a shot of the grey heron on the sign at Cox’s Marina. We headed in the direction of How Hill ,the sky was blue ,criss crossed by vapour trails from aircraft but we kept our carbon footprint to a minimum powering up the Ant.We arrived, after a 70 minute row ,at the dilapidated wind pump not far from from Ludham Bridge. It was more like a Spring morning rather than early November and some crew  members were getting hot so they stripped down to their CRAB Mankinis,  available from Sue at the CRAB shop for £25.99.A great morning’s row.”

Some great pictures from Friday’s row.