ei bwrw glaw,비가 내리는 모양,es regnet,il pleut……..

This time Richard A has introduced some linguistic variation into his report’s title. Whatever the chosen language, the morning of Friday 12th was DAMP… However, the good humoured crew made it an enjoyable outing.

“Andrew,David,Tom,Richard with Barry on helm…..set sail for a very rainy Wayford Bridge.  What happened to our special arrangement on the weather?A good steady pace was maintained by the established crew despite the weather continuing to be “soft”. No grockles on the water only luckless fishermen. Coffee stop at the bridge was welcomed by a break in the precipitation. A swap around on rowing positions and we had a dry yet chilly return to Cox’s. Good news is that David’s sunburn has now stabilised and Mankinis have definitely been stowed for next year. However, Sue has a special offer of two for one at the CRAB shop.”