The Carrow Cup 2021.

Many thanks to Duncan for the following excellent report.

“Carry On Up The Carrow Cup.”

“The Carrow Cup is a unique event in which crews from fine boats as well as skiffs and gigs race down the narrow River Wensum through the City of Norwich, starting at Pull’s Ferry and ending at Thorpe St Andrew. It is believed to be the oldest rowing trophy in the country, having first been raced in 1813.

This year’s CRAB crew comprised Humphrey, David P, Richard Brown, Tony B and Duncan H. We launched Bluejacket from the Carrow Yacht Club and after a bit of hanging around in the freezing cold headed down to the starting point. Although we were tempted to follow the lead of one of the competing crews and disappear into a riverside pub for a beer or two before the start, our dedicated sportsmanship and desire for glory won through in the end. Or perhaps it was because we hadn’t brought our wallets.

Being waved off at 20-second intervals, we were the second in our class to start. We disappeared into the slipstream of the first and had wonderful views of the three others as they gradually bore down on us and then overtook. But having a couple of extra oarsmen, as two of them did, certainly seemed to help!

At the time of writing, we have yet to receive our official time and position. Unofficially, however, we covered the 3.9km course in 29 minutes and fifty seconds at an average speed of 8km an hour to David’s stroke rate of 28 per minute. We took the scenic route back to Carrow YC via Thorpe Green, marvelling at some of the plush riverside properties.

Many thanks to Humphrey for organising our participation, and to David for his skilful towing.”