Friday 17th December. Another Day Of Two Outings.

Following hard upon Sue Wright’s report about Tuesday’s row comes Richard A’s account of today’s outing. True to form, he borrows Shakespeare’s words for the title – a line from “Macbeth” in fact…

Watch this space! Alan C’s description of the day’s second outing will follow.

Hover Through The Fog And Filthy Air.

“Well there was fog but the air was clean. 
We headed out to How Hill, Tom coxed, Neil, 2nd row, expertly stroked for Richard, David and Duncan. Barton Broad was eerily beautiful and silent; with a zero hooley it was like a mill pond. Plenty of good banter, including recognition that our new rower cycles to Barton Turf from North Walsham. Could this set a precedent for the Tuesday and Friday rowers? We encountered only four other boats and two sets of fishermen. A really special row. The skiff was returned to the slipway in time for the Friday afternoon crew to enjoy their outing.”